Injury prevention & perfomance for teens: Movement quality & pattern

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- DATES: 23 June 2019

- TIMES: Sunday: 9.00h - 13.00h ; 14.30h-17.30h

- CITY: ZARAGOZA. Holmes Places Aragonia Gym (See Google Maps location)

- TEACHER:IVI CASAGRANDE (More information)

NOTE: This course is only applicable for Physiotherapist and Sport Science Proffesionals. The course will be taught in english with spanish translation. Manuals will be in english.



Provide physioterapists and physical trainers a pathway to long-term athletic development. Using a holistic approach, we will explore how we can expose athletes to movement quality, movement pattern and the art of coaching (how to train large groups of athletes, how to build buy-in , how to improve their confidence, etc)


- Using the warm-up as an assessment tool for movement quality and injury prevention

- Teaching movement skills such as acceleration, deceleration, lateral and cross-over skills for movement efficiency

- How to implement reactive drills and competitive drills for athletes

- The importance of evaluating foot pronation and supination for deceleration

- Return to Play considerations and use of countermovement/non-countermovement jumps as an assessment tool

- How to effectively coach large teams

- Exercise selection for strength programs and how to individualize it to different athletes


Check some Ivi's work here: VIDEO

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